About Wrapt

Do you struggle to come up with gift ideas for your friends and family? Did you think of the perfect idea 6 months ago, but forget to write it down? Or maybe you have a list of desired gifts and need a tactful way to share it.
What if you could access everyone's most up-to-date wishlist whenever you wanted? And wouldn't it be great to have your own wishlist in one place, where your friends and relatives could see it?

With helpful features you won't find anywhere else, we're bringing the joy back to giving and receiving gifts!

  • Claim a gift to guarantee your gift won't be duplicated! We'll draw up a shopping list to keep track of the items you've claimed.
  • Conveniently view your friends' upcoming birthdays, your shopping list, and more from your dashboard as soon as you log in.
  • Restrict viewing permissions on your items: Want your friends to see different items than your relatives? Don't want Uncle Bob or Aunt Jean picking out clothes for you? Wrapt has you covered!

Sign up today and tell us what you think!

Happy Gifting!